Lake Placid 9ers

This is a newer hiking challenge (2018) centered around Lake Placid, NY, and features 9 peaks under 4000′ that still give hikers a great Adirondack experience. It includes incredible views of the high peaks, a fire tower, and a trip to the Adirondack Loj (yes, I spelled that right!).

The peaks are listed in order of trail length:

NameRound-trip DistanceElevation
Big Crow Mountain 1.4 miles2815′
Cobble Hill 2.2 miles2332′
Baxter Mountain 2.4 miles2440′
Mt. Jo 2.6 miles2876′
Catamount3.6 miles3169′
Mt. Van Hoevenberg4.4 miles2940′
Bear Den 4.5 miles2650′
Pitchoff Mountain 5.2 miles3500′
Hurricane Mountain 6.8 miles3678′

For more information about each trail, including GPS coordinates of their trailheads, head over to They even give recommendations in how to group the peaks to complete it all in a weekend:

Day 1: Big Crow, Baxter, Hurricane

Day 2: Pitchoff, Mt Jo, Van Hoevenberg, Cobble Hill

Day 3: Bear Den, Catamount

Once you’ve completed all 9 peaks, fill out this form and send it, with $10, to :

Lake Placid 9er

PO Box 1310

Lake Placid, NY 12946

See the Lake Placid 9er website for more details.

Update: I finally sent in my form!

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