Adventure in the Great West

It’s been ages since I last wrote any sort of hiking post. Back in July 2017, a few weeks after Algonquin, Iroquois, and Wright,  I developed some sort of super painful knee thing (I’ve been to 3 doctors and gotten 3 different potential diagnoses…right now we’re looking at Patellar Tendonitis with partially torn meniscus and IT band syndrome, but who knows). It LITERALLY only hurts when I’m hiking, which is absolutely the worst thing on Earth, and nothing helps; not braces, not KT tape, not anti-inflammatories, nothing. After attending physical therapy for a month and a half and resting my stupid knee, I was really itching for some hiking.

A precursor to this story: Way back in April, I submitted a paper for a biomedical engineering conference that would be held in October in Phoenix. In August, I excitedly called my parents to tell them that my paper was accepted, and they offered to go with me! So we planned to make a trip out of it, flying into Las Vegas and visiting with family, then off to Zion National Park, Kanab, Bryce Canyon National Park, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and finally down to Phoenix. Click the links below to follow our journey out west!

Day 1 – Las Vegas

Day 2 – Zion National Park

Day 3 – Kanab and Bryce Canyon National Park

Day 4 – Grand Canyon National Park

Day 5 – Sedona

Day 6 – Sedona and Phoenix

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