Baxter Mountain


An hour after finishing Cobble Hill, after stretching and contemplating whether my joints would hurt too much to add another few miles, I decided to go for it. I put the car in gear and drove the 20 minutes to the Baxter Mountain trailhead on rt. 9N. It was raining now, but that didn’t bother me. Juno, on the other hand, thought we were done for the day and was curled up sound asleep in the back seat when we rolled into the lot for Baxter at 2:30pm.

Two minutes after walking onto the trail, we met two grumpy people on their way out, and then we had the trail entirely to ourselves. I pulled up the hood on my raincoat to keep my head at least dry, put one foot in front of the other, and we made our way up the mountain. For anyone that doesn’t know, I’ve been struggling with some undiagnosed autoimmune disorder for the last several years that causes extreme pain in my joints, especially when hiking. Figures. So yes. I have logged 20-mile days in the mountains without a single ache, but these days just going a few miles can be excruciating. I was so relieved that the trail up Baxter was just switchback the entire way up. It was so pleasant, even in the rain, and I was happy just to be there, back where I belong. After about a mile of easy walking, we reached a junction with the Beede Road trail, and turned right towards the summit

At this point the steady rain had turned to heavy wet snowfall, so pictures are scarce. Once I turned to head up to the summit, the trail became a bit trickier and rockier, slick with the continuous rain and snow, though it was never icy to the point that my microspikes had to come out.

After this short section, I came to an outcropping that probably normally has a gorgeous view. Not today! I didn’t mind though. I continued on past this false summit and climbed just a bit more until we reached what I presume to be the true summit. We explored a bit up there to be sure we made it until the trail started to descend again on the lesser-used trail back to Beede road.

We stopped just for a minute to take our summit photos at 3:15pm, then went straight back down before the cold could set in since we were both soaking wet. The walk back was quick, damp, and surprisingly painless. By 4:15pm we were back at the car, dripping wet and hungry, as new Lake Placid 9ers!

Even without views, this was a really lovely hike. Now I have to go back and do it again when the summit is clear!

Happy Hiking!

Baxter Mountain: 2440′ Elevation Gain: 764′

Round Trip Distance: ~2.4 miles (according to the LP9er website) or 3 miles (according to the trail sign)

Total Duration: 1.75 hours


5 thoughts on “Baxter Mountain”

  1. Am enjoying your hikes with interesting commentary and beautiful pictures. Gotta figure out how to find you again, since I stumbled on your article about Mt Van hike. Juno is cute. Glad you include pictures of her/him. Nice you are in some too. Sorry about your joint issues. Wonderful you can still hike.
    My husband and I are very familiar with the Lake Placid area. Been on vacation there many times. Love the area. We have hiked some trails in the ADK area. Have cross country skied many times in Lake Placid area including Mt. Van Hoevenberg and Cascade. Also Alpine skied at Whiteface. Hiked Mt Jo near Heart Lake near Adirondack Loj multiple times. Beautiful area. Husband has also hiked Mt Marcy.
    We have some Pennsylvania friends who own a second home in Keene, NY.
    Happy New Year
    Barbara Nuckols
    Rocky Mount NC. (97 feet above sea level)


    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment! We are starting our journey into winter hiking this year, Im sure there will be some interesting stories out of it! Hope you make it back to the adks soon, and Happy New Year!


      1. Hello XYZXYZ,
        Thanks for posting my comments. I found you again! I have been quickly browsing various trail reports, but cannot anywhere find YOUR NAME or anything about YOU! If that is intentional okay, but if not, please provide a little bio on yourself. Name, approximately where do you live, etc.? I did find that Juno is a girl! What breed?
        Looks like a poodle without fancy grooming. And a really great companion for your trips. I was surprised when she was curled up asleep before your hike in the rain that she didn’t stay in the car. Ha ha. She’s not gonna let you go without her! Have you ever been to the Bar Harbor, Maine / Acadia National Park area? On the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. There are some gorgeous views on some really good hiking trails there. Also Baxter Park in Maine has some great mountains to climb including Mt. Katahdin, the northern end of Appalachian Trail. Many choices to get to the top! Didn’t see anything on hikes in the Great Smokies NC/TN either. Beautiful area to explore. My home state.
        Well, hopefully, my suggestions give you some more options for your trips and your blog. Oh yeah, almost forgot Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Again, beautiful hikes to try.
        Over the last 50 years, my h0usband and I have been to ALL these places I’ve told you about. Wonderful memories.
        I took pictures but blogging was not known then.
        Breezed through your report on Paul Smith’s so got to find it again to read carefully. We XC skied the trails there. Very nice.
        Thank you for providing maps, beautiful pictures, and identifying the mountains. Very helpful.
        Barbara Nuckols
        Rocky Mount NC


      2. You can find me on Facebook if you like, i post lots of photos there. My name is Natalie Kurgan, my photography page is Nocturnne Studios Photography. We are located in upstate NY. Hope that helps!

        We have been all over the place, including bar harbor! We got to catch the sunrise in Acadia on a carcamping trip a couple of years ago, it was stunning. We are hoping to hit up some of the Appalachian trail in the near future to experience more too!

        Thanks so much for your suggestions!


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